The Big Difference – Leather Naturals Conditioner

The big difference with Leather Naturals Products. Like always, our Conditioner and Cleaner products are safe for the whole family – kids and pets included.

Unlike the other brands, our Leather Care Kit uses less time and effort to get your fine leather looking and feeling like new again.

This means less work for you!


Leather Naturals

Other Vendors

Leather Conditioner Consistency

Leather Care Gel

Thick sticky “glue” like or smelly oils

Ease of use

It’s so easy, even a kid can apply it

Very thick and difficult to apply evenly

Drying time

1 Hour

It can take from 1-3 days

Leather Cleaner Consistency

Ready to use Leather Cleaner Milk

Concentrate that needs to be diluted

Leather finish after conditioning

Soft, smooth and flexible, smells great

Very sticky and dull

What’s included in the Leather Care Kit

Conditioner, Cleaner, 2 Towels (4 items)

1, 2 or 3 items. It depends on the vendor

How does it smell?

Smells very pleasant and natural

Smells like chemical or pesticide

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