Leather Naturals Leather Care Kit for Furniture - Premium Cleaner and Conditioner for Car Interior, Leather Boots Conditioner, Leather Cleaner for Bags, Leather Couch Cleaner, Made in The USA

Complete leather care kit with conditioner cleaner and microfiber towels
Leather Naturals Complete Leather Care Kit (4 items) - Shop On Amazon

Leather Naturals Leather Care Kit cleans and conditions fine leather
furniture, car seats plus other finished leather surfaces, such as
upholstery, dashboard, door panels, boots, belts, jackets, motorcycle
leather, handbags and purses.

Both the Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner are Non-Toxic and safe for light colored leather.

  • Easy To Apply
  • Works great on delicate light colored leather
  • Pleasant smelling, no strong odor
  • Fast absorbing
  • No tacky or sticky residue
  • No streaks or darkening spots
  • Conditions delicate leather (not for use on suede, nubuck &  unfinished leather)

How to use the Leather Care Kit

  • Always spot test any conditioning products in an area normally hidden from view before applying them all over your leather
  • Prepare leather surface with Leather Naturals Leather Cleaner, use the lint free microfiber cloth towel and Leather Cleaner to remove built-up dirt and dust
  • Wipe off any excess residue and let it dry for up to one hour
  • Apply Leather Naturals Conditioner as needed, then allow to dry for up to one hour
  • Buff leather in a circular motion for a soft natural finish
  • Reapply another coat of conditioner if necessary, as some leather may  require two coats
  • Use once a month to refresh the natural appearance of leather
  • Keep out of reach of children
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