Leather Naturals Leather Conditioner for Furniture - Premium Leather Cleaner for Car Interior, Leather Boot Conditioner, Leather Conditioner for Bags, Leather Couch Cleaner, Made in The USA

Manufacturer: Leather Naturals
Item model number:  LN-CRD-XL08
Manufacturer Part Number: LN-CRD-XL08

8oz Leather Naturals Leather Conditioner And Restorer For Leather Furniture Available On Amazon

* [Best Leather Conditioner for Furniture, Boots, and Car Interiors] If you want superior results to restore the look, feel, and smell of your leather furniture, car seats, boots, and bags, then you will love our deluxe Leather Naturals Leather Conditioner! This premium leather care product is made proudly here in the USA! Get ready to glow up your leather products the fun way.

* [#1 Easiest Gel Formula to Evenly Spread & Apply to Leather Products] Unlike other leather conditioners that are super thick, greasy, and hard to use, our Leather Naturals Leather Conditioner is a premium gel formula that is easy to spread and apply to furniture, boots, car seats, and bags! Now you can enjoy restoring your leather without all the hassle.

* [Fast Absorption in 30 Minutes with No Oily Residue] It’s simple to get your leather looking brand new again! Just pour your Leather Naturals conditioner onto a microfiber towel, then start rubbing into leather. Wait a minimum of 30 minutes, and then just wipe off any excess product. Get the most out of your expensive leather products with our Leather Naturals Leather Conditioner.

* [Protects Against Harmful UV Rays, Water, and Cracking] Nothing damages leather faster than water and sunlight. With our ultra-premium Leather Cleaner, it adds an extra barrier to repel water and protect your valuable leather products against drying, cracking, and aging from UV Rays.

* [Makes Your Leather Look New with No Chemical Smells]  Our Leather Naturals Leather Conditioner is powerful, safe, and effective to give you that satisfying before and after upgraded look for all of your leather products! See the “Looks Like New” difference in your leather and you’ll have a hard time going back to an ordinary conditioner. 

How to use Leather Naturals Conditioner

  • Always spot test any conditioning products in an area normally hidden from view before applying them all over your leather
  • Prepare leather surfaces with Leather Naturals Leather
  • Cleaner and a microfiber cloth to remove built-up dirt and dust
  • Alternatively, you can use a mild soap, warm water and dampen cleaning  cloth, wipe leather surface as needed, allow to dry completely
  • Apply Leather Naturals Conditioner as needed, then allow to dry for one hour
  • Remove any excess conditioner with a microfiber cloth
  • Reapply another coat of conditioner if necessary, as some leather may require two coats
  • Use once a month to refresh the natural appearance of leather
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Follow instructions on the bottle

Why you should do Leather Conditioning?

Leather is natural raw animal hide, or rawhide. It is turned into textile after tanning and treating, which makes it very durable and stylish. However, it needs to be cared for properly to ensure it stays soft and supple to last a lifetime.

Leather conditioning is a routine care process that can restore moisture to your leather goods and strengthen it. While conditioning it isn’t necessary for it to last a long time, we recommend regular conditioning (like once a month) to drastically improve the look, feel and durability of your leather items.

It keeps leather looking and feeling great, improves leather’s durability and adds an extra layer of leather protection against dryness, cracks and hardening

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