Designer Leather Handbag Care Tips For You – How to Clean & Maintain Your Designer Leather Handbag

Designer Leather Handbag Care Tips – How to Clean & Maintain Your Designer Leather Handbag
Designer Leather Handbag Care Tips – How to Clean & Maintain Your Designer Leather Handbag

We all love our designer handbags, it’s like a trusted companion always by our side. Its worth the price since it is expected to last for many years to come. However, we need to treat them line the investment it is and not let years go by without cleaning or maintenance.

Regular Use:
Avoid excessive touching or handling your designer handbags after you have applied hand sanitizer or hand lotion to your hands. Or if your hands are not clean.

Remove stains ASAP:
Whether its food stains, water spots, pen marks or dust. All stains must be remove right away, if it gets dried it will much more difficult to remove them after they’ve penetrated the leather pores.

Interior protection:
Do not store sharp, pointed objects in your handbag. Make-up, cosmetics pens, hand sanitizer and other liquids should be placed in plastic baggies in your handbag. Certain stains are nearly impossible to remove from leather.

Using the right  Leather Care products:
Do not use products that are meant for industrial leather use (eg: saddles or industrial work boots) on your expensive designer handbags. Leather Naturals Leather Cleaner is formulated to clean and protect designer handbags. Always read the manufacturer instructions before cleaning. Do a patch test in a hidden area first to ensure there is no discoloration.

Storing away your handbag:
Handbags should be stored in an upright position and in a dust bag that comes with it when you purchased the handbag. If you don’t have a dust bag, use a breathable cotton pillowcase. Do not use a plastic bag. Be sure the handbag is stuffed to maintain its shape. Do not store them in direct sunlight.

How to Clean & Maintain Your Designer Leather Handbag

Cleaning the interior:
The interior cloth lining can we wiped with a simple cloth. If your handbag comes with a leather liner, it can be cleaned with Leather Naturals Leather Cleaner Milk and a cloth.

Preventing exterior leather cracks:
Any leather handbag will dry crack over time, if it is not routinely treated properly. Use Leather Naturals Leather Conditioner at least once per month to soften the drying areas of your handbag.

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