Before And After Leather Naturals – Leather Conditioner & Leather Cleaner

The big difference. Every product we used in our before and after gallery have a story to tell. So instead of just uploading numerous plain pictures, we will share with you the back story behind these leather products and how we restored and protect them.

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The "left-hand" Callaway Golf Bag

This Golf Bag was purchased in 1999 at an Edwin Watts Golf Super Store in Orlando, Florida. The owner is left handed and thus the bag is regarded as the “left-hand” bag. The bag was originally conditioned in 2015 using Leather Naturals Conditioner Gel using two coats. Although the golf bag wasn’t used heavily, it is in like-new condition twenty two years later.

To this day, the bag holds the original Callaway Steelhead X-14 Steel Iron Set, a left hand Callaway Biggest Big Bertha Titanium 10° Driver, a Taylor made Supersteel 3-wood that was also purchased with the golf bag.

The owner trust only Leather Naturals Leather Conditioner to protect his now vintage Golf Bag.

The bag and everything inside of it is left handed.

The Florsheim Shoes From The Goodwill Store

This pair of Florsheim shoes was purchased at a Goodwill Store as part of the Leather Naturals Brand test. We purchased it for $15.00, saying these shoes have some miles on them is an understatement.

The shoes were in very rough shape, it looked and smelled badly too. But we went right to work at cleaning it first with Leather Naturals Leather Cleaner and a small microfiber towel.

It took two cleanings to remove the dirt buildup, after each cleaning we let the shoes dry in the sunlight for an hour.

We then used Leather Naturals Leather Conditioner Restorer Gel once, then we let it dry again for one hour.

Then the magic happened after it was dried and we buffed it for a few minutes. The conditioner was soaked in, the shoe leather was moisturized and felt clean and newer. Job well done.

We donated the restored shoes to the Goodwill Store.


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The 2007 Hyundai Sonata "White" Dashboard

This dashboard survived the harsh Mid-West winters and the brutal Southern sun. For some reason it always looked white and dry regardless of the other brand products we used on it. Then in 2015 in the middle of summer, we applied our first coat of Leather Naturals Leather Conditioner Gel. And there you have it, two week later in the Florida sun, it was still looking moist and you can even see the natural grains of the leather.

The "Tough" Rawlings Baseball Glove That Couldn't Catch A Ball

This very old Rawlings glove was just tough to wear. After fitting your hand inside it was difficult to close the glove after catching the baseball.

The glove was in very good condition in regards to the sewing. But it was just tough for the kid to wear.

Two coats of Leather Naturals Leather Conditioning Gel did the trick.

Not only was the glove softer, it was shinier and a little tanned on both the inside and outside.

There were a lot of happy ball games played with this glove after it was conditioned.

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