Our Story

In 2014, we founded LEATHER NATURALS with a simple mission: create a Leather Conditioner we’d use on our car seats and furniture. We’ve since expanded into other leather care and automotive care products, yet never given up on our mission to create products to improve the protection of leather and saving you time.

Product innovation and improvement in leather care continue to be our basis of customer satisfaction. Every LEATHER NATURALS product performs when it matters most – whether it’s your leather furniture, car seats, purse, handbag, even an old pair of shoes.

This passion goes back to my first car, a used shiny blue 1977 Pontiac Sunbird Hatchback with an all-black leather/vinyl interior that gets really hot in the Florida sun, and a pair of 6×9 300 watts replacement speakers that never really sounded right to begin with.

Cleaning and Polishing the dashboard and seats was a huge pain, especially during the hot South Florida summer. The big brand leather care products made the dash look oily and sticky, and it attracted a lot of dust after I used their products, it made the job worst.

 For years I did nothing to the Sunbird dashboard and seats.

Fast forward, eight vehicles later, a used 2007 Hyundai Sonata with a drying dashboard, I still didn’t want to use the oily, sticky products on my car.

All of our products are easy to apply, has no sticky feel, smells great, plus IT SAVES TIME AND YOUR LEATHER. It’s the only product we use on everything leather.

The basis for the Leather Naturals brand is simple, make high quality Leather Care Products and support our customers with above and beyond customer support.

Today, Leather Naturals products are used to protect leather in Hotels, Private Planes, Car Wash, Homes, Cars, Trucks and by Auto Detailing Specialists to protect fine leather products.

We are obsessed with making great products, offer fair prices and amazing customer service.


Leather Naturals Leather Conditioner & Leather Cleaner getting the job done right the first time!

At Leather Naturals, our love for customer satisfaction drives who we are and what we do. Every day.

The products in the Leather Naturals brand complement each other in a unique way to help our customers get more out of their leather.

These products don’t break records or make history all over the world.

It didn’t win a High School state football championship, but it did help to clean and preserve a star Cornerback cleats as a lasting memory as he studied his way to college.

It didn’t win any major Golf championship, but it is trusted to preserve a twenty two years old classic Callaway Big Bertha Leather Golf Bag

It didn’t win any prestigious automotive awards, but it trusted to clean and condition some of the finest car and truck leather interior in the world.

It isn’t endorsed (yet) by any world class football, tennis, baseball, basketball player, but it is highly recommended and endorsed by our world class happy customers, read review here, and here, and here

All I can say is wow! What an awesome seller! Great customer service and they stand behind their word! Very impressed! Would buy over and over from them 🙂


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